Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Astral Projections into The Unseen

Astral Projections?

My quick thoughts

     I have been pondering and wondering exactly what an Astral Projection really may be.  Is it projecting what most would call your soul or inner being to another place and time and maybe even to another dimension completely without losing the use of your physical self?  An out of body experience in other words?  Or can it be as simple as a thought or wish that you have and have put out there in the universe by verbally saying it out loud or even just thinking about it in your mind? 
The latter of the two is what this blog is about. 

     I am slowly coming to the conclusion that merely having a thought or a secret non verbalized wish may actually be a form of astral projection.  How many times have you wished for something to happen and by some miracle it does come true?  Or you have been thinking of something or have played out in your mind only of a scenario that you hope does come true and suddenly you find yourself actually living the scenario?  Have we with our thoughts and wishes traveled into the future in some way and made the scenario take place.  So when our physical bodies 'catch up' with our projected thoughts the entire planned out scene does happen?  So many questions on this subject and there is no one right answer in my opinion.  I am believing that we do have a say in our futures regarding projected thoughts and wishes.  We can control ours and possibly other's futures who have connection with us and our own projected futures.  Maybe not every single thought or wish may come to be but perhaps it's because the other individuals projected thoughts and wishes have taken precedent over your own.  

     Case #1:   I have been wanting to go on an 'Open Investigation Night' with a local ghost investigation team.  A co worker who is also interested in the paranormal has said they too want to go with me on one of these events.  After hearing that the other person wants to join me, I have had second thoughts of doing this event.  Not that the person is in any way a bad person but for some reason I feel going to these events may have more meaning to me than to the other person.  As if they are only going for the thrill of the night but for me it's more of a learning experience.  The ghost investigative team had set up the event but suddenly there was a huge thunderstorm that night and we decided not to go for our own safety.  Subsequently, I was going to check out a local cemetery if the reports were true and it was a haunted place.  The other person also wanted to go with me to the cemetery but again on the night of our planned excursion to the place, there was a huge thunderstorm and we didn't make it.  

     Am I projecting outward that we shouldn't be doing these events so mother nature is in her quiet way telling us or more likely me not to go?  Or is it just a quirky coincident?

     Case #2:    Recently I was with a 'friend' (not same one as in case #1).  He wanted to go to a local pet store and get another algae eater fish for one of his tanks.  We entered the store and headed straight to the fish section to find the one kind of fish he was seeking.  After a few minutes of looking at all the fish in the tanks he had to ask the worker if they had any of the kind of fish he wanted.  The employee took us back to the right tanks and pointed out the fish.   A certain albino fish had caught my 'friend's' eye but he decided to not get that one but settled for a different fish instead.  We went through the check out and I drove him home.   On the way to his home he had said maybe he should have gotten the albino fish instead because that may have been the better choice for his tank.  He also then jokingly said "Maybe the fish he got might die quickly so he could go back and get the other fish."  I told him maybe he shouldn't have said that even in jest.  We arrived at his home and he took his one new fish upstairs to place it in the tank.  After a little bit of having to round up the two fish that were in the tank already since he was going to switch those two for the one new one.  The two fish were going to be put into the first floor tank.   He opened the plastic bag that the new fish was in and he found it to be dead.  The poor thing was floating upside near the bottom of the bag.  We couldn't believe it!  It had already passed on within the short drive from the pet store to his home.

     So...did his verbal thought said in jest project outwards into the universe and caused this fishes early demise?  Or was this just coincidence as well?   This last case was very strange indeed.  We've never seen a fish to die so soon after leaving the pet store.  When we took the fish back to the store the employee who bagged it for him also was surprised and couldn't figure out what happened to the poor fellow. 

     Obviously neither of these cases can be proven without a doubt to be some sort of astral thought projection that caused a change in the future of any of the people or fish involved.  I myself can not figure this one out.  If it is possible to change and control that much of our futures through our thoughts and wishes then why are we still having wars or hunger.  We may never really know the answer to this one.  The universe and this world moves in many mysterious ways. 

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